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After downsizing

testimonial - highly professional ... absolutely excellentA leisure and retail organisation faced up to the facts

  • Its market had shrunk dramatically
  • Its costs were too high
  • Its processes were too bureaucratic

The management decided they must make redundancies. And they needed the staff who testimonial - the course was really goodstayed in the organisation to work harder and use more initiative.

They knew the redundancies would damage the morale of the remaining staff. It would be hard to motivate them and especially hard, when they were feeling insecure, to get them to take more decisions for themselves.

testimonial - i came back with a buzzWe designed and delivered a series of seminars for the remaining staff to:

1. Raise morale.
People felt that their jobs were safe because the organisation was investing in training them.
We ran exercises and discussions so people could express their concerns and distress about the organisation without whinging. Then we helped them move on and decide what they could do to improve things.

2. Get people working in new ways.
We taught people new skills and gave them a chance to practise.
We talked through the organisation’s business needs and discussed what changes people could make in their own areas to improve efficiency. They turned out to have lots of ideas.

We outlined the boundaries within which they should use their initiative and agreed where they could talk their ideas through and get advice.

We monitored the results.