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The owner-managers of an internet company sold the business to a US organisation.  The new owners made money available and set ambitious expansion targets.  In many ways the directors were being asked to do exactly what they had always wanted for the business.

At the same time they became aware that the new owners expected a different management style,  The word “strategic” was much used and, although they didn’t precisely understand what was being demanded of them, they knew they were being asked to change.  They were used to a hard-driving, hands-on way of working and it became clear that they would need to step back and delegate day-to-day running to the next level down.

We designed and ran a 3-day workshop for all the senior managers.  It offered the opportunity to discuss and define the management style they needed to achieve.  We ran group exercises and gave individual feedback on how people managed themselves.  We gave an insight into relevant  management techniques – setting objectives, delegation, coaching.  Each Senior Manager committed to the changes they would make in the way they managed their sections.

As always, some people were eager to change, some resisted the need and the majority were apprehensive but willing to consider some changes.

Several weeks after the workshop we meet each manager individually, reviewed their progress and coached them about their future plans.