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… time management

  1. At the end of each day, make a list of what you intend to achieve tomorrow.  Next day work the list. 
  2. If there is something on the list you rather dread, do it first and get it out of the way.  You’ll feel better when it’s not hanging over you any more.
  3. Some tasks need to be done really well.  Get to know when you are at your best – early morning or later in the day – and arrange to do important tasks then.  Work out how you can avoid being interrupted during that time.
  4. Look for tasks on the list where it is more important to get them done by a deadline than to do them perfectly. For each of these, allocate a short amount of time, do it as well as you can in that time and move on.
  5. If something new comes up during the day, look at the list and decide if the new task is more important than the tasks you planned.  If it is, cross something off the list and add the new task on. If it isn’t more important, make a note of it.  It may get on tomorrow’s list.