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Confidence – make it up

We all know that confidence is a confidence trick. Someone who is nervous is much more likely to forget their speech, spill their water or fall down the steps than someone who feels confident. The fear creates the problem.

Many situations work out that way. Some people know they are drifting into serious debt and stop opening the threatening envelopes. It’s understandable but it’s not sensible. A bit less fear and they could add up the damage, get professional help, concentrate on the real risks, and start taking action. Their fear paralyses them.

Apparently people who have a slightly inflated opinion of themselves are the most successful.

I see it often when change hits people at work. The confident ones think ” So they want me to learn new skills, work in a different way, do somethng I’ve never done before – no problem. I can cope.” And they usually do.

The ones who fail may have as much talent as the confident ones but the situation sends them rigid. They easily become defensive, refuse to venture out of their comfort zone and may, in the end, choose to leave or be pushed out.

And we all have particular situations where we would feel at risk.

There are lots of psychological techniques to help people build confidence. Sports psychologist do it all the time. Once people get started, they see that they can succeed and their own confidence starts to grow. All they need is help to make it up at first.